Open a counselling office — the next step…

There is no standard application form.

An ‘Application’ to become a member office of Burden Bearers Society of Alberta consists simply of a letter stating your desire to do so, and your reasons for choosing Burden Bearers. The letter should be signed by your office bearers (i.e., Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, other directors) and submitted to the address of the Society (see contact info).

You would then receive a response from the Secretary/Treasurer with intentions to set up a meeting between representative members of your group and directors from the Society such as the Secretary/Treasurer, Chairman and an Area Director.

The purpose of this meeting is three-fold;

a) to help guide you towards an effective organization of tasks and people and a successful start-up,

b) to allow you an opportunity to get a sense of the Society and its functioning

c) to allow Society representative who attend to bring a positive recommendation to the next Society meeting for approval of your application.

Then, upon successful processing your application at a regular Society meeting you would receive formal approval.

See FAQs for other details