Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide professional counselling to the hurting and in need, regardless of their ability to pay.

Burden Bearers Counselling Society of Alberta was formed to provide an accountable non-profit umbrella agency that could allow academically qualified Christian counsellors to practice their clinical skills as part of a like-minded and supportive network.

We serve clients from all philosophies and walks of life without prejudice.

We have successfully served many clients for whom Christianity does not frame their personal perspective on life.
We believe the wisdom and compassion inherent in the Gospels is universally applicable and to be made available to all.

As a movement, Burden Bearers was established to stimulate and maintain the growth of clinical counselling centres dedicated to enhancing the emotional, psychological, physical, relational, and spiritual well-being of all who come to us for help.

As a society, Burden Bearers believes that the teachings of historical Christianity contain the answers for ultimate human well-being. Our approach to understanding human need is conditioned by a thoroughly Christian worldview.

Dedicated and mature counsellors combine proven counselling skills and professional training with biblical values and established therapeutic methods to provide the highest possible standard of professional care.