Q: How do we get tax deductible status?

     A: When your approval appears in the Society minutes your group is afforded the rights and privileges of membership in the Society.  The Society holds a registered Revenue Canada charitable tax number and donations you receive from your fundraising and for your office are reported to and receipted by the Society

Q: How much does joining cost?

     A: There is no fee required with your application. However once you begin collecting client fees 2% of net income after allowable expenses for special fund raising events goes to the Society for its administration.

Q: Can we get insurance through the Society?

    A: Yes.  In fact it is mandatory that Burden Bearer offices obtain their insurance through Burden Bearers. The society carries a group policy for both general and professional liability. The coverage includes counsellors, other staff and Board members. Rates are more reasonable than attempting this as a independent.

Q: What responsibilities to the Society does membership entail?

A: The Society expects monthly reporting of income and the 2% admin fee. The Society expects each local board to designate a representative to attend Society meetings. 

Q: When and where does the Society meet?

A: By law the Society must meet 4 times per year. Recently this has been done by 2 telephone meetings (usually January and May) and two back-to-back in-person meetings in September (usually in Grande Prairie, but could be elsewhere). The back-to-back meetings are a) a regular directors meeting and b) the Annual General Meeting.  Car pooling is encouraged.  Expenses for such meetings are claimed to and paid for by the Society.

Q: Do Burden Bearers counsellors meet as counsellors?

    A: Yes.  Peer consultations are organized as an initiative among the counsellors themselves.  Efforts are made to gather 3 times per year.