Benefits of joining Burden Bearers network

If you're considering establishing a new practice, or if you need stronger support for your existing counselling practice, we can provide many benefits with your membership.

By joining the Burden Bearers Counselling network, immediately you have

        •  charitable tax status as a part of the Society

        •  status as a Registered Charity under the Income Tax Act

        •  group insurance rates for property and professional liability insurance

        •  an instant umbrella organization

        •  the good will of an established name in professional counselling in Western Canada

        •  assistance in set-up for your counselling practice

        •  peer support for counsellors within our network

        •  guidance for accounting and fundraising practices

        •  opportunity to join in a growing force for the faith-based counselling movement

        •  legal use of the trusted Burden Bearers name and our recognizable logo

All these benefits accompany your membership, and are available at a very modest surcharge.

So, how do I join this Burden Bearers office network?